sip tea

By: Shelbi Henny

sip me slow 
and make me forget tomorrow
cool the moment in transitions
to were my legs dangle from the position
where countless intermissions
progress to fantasies we live in 
shackle me into the bitter and sweet taste
that form me into curiosity
which molds us and unites us
leaves us then excites us
remind me why air is distraction
when senses become impeccable
and answers turn into opposites
no becomes yes
stop becomes go
when the latter is invisible
and furniture doesn't appear
and we lift in midair
I never have control
when victims turn to submissive
we surprise each other with our actions
yet remain speechless from the climax
and we walk around smiling over what just happened
take me back
and then help me arrive
yet sip me slow
and make me forget time

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