what’s attraction

By: Shelbi Henny

smoke clouds collective
I was distracted by sensual analogies
that birthed the similarities
between me and us
remembering colors that seemed to much
forcing myself to realize the senses
what makes this seem to turn me
how is this realistic
passing the temperature to normal
when it was once winter
what can fix this
when trust seems like a word never defined
what else can a stranger ask
that hasn't torn like fabric
rolled thin
yet coated in thick plastic
whats pure classics
when lovers seem tragic
romance never lasted
yet we stare at each other lost in pure madness
when you can touch me without explaining
but will you ever know me
when physical leads us to magic
and history is left in the past when 
and then can I claim it
or will I live in the moment 
probably will never notice
that it passed right through us
pure currents 

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