crazy or mutual

By: Shelbi Henny

secretly the touch is crazy
when in closed doors 
you don't know me
but then again what opens
the wonder
that leaves your lips flat lined
holding on to crumbled pieces 
that place secrets in open range
shots fired we felt army made
playing obstacles 
full grown
in kid like descriptions 
what moves us to the center
when behind close doors we are so distant
and knowing me is something you try and figure out
when asked you know nothing about
the connection that steams in showers of
empty closets
we cringe at feelings doubted
and stand in plain sight 
hoping that we never forget about last night
although we only dreamt it 
to afraid to live it
I just hope you can forgive me
for the fantasies I live in 
though I'm way to far gone 
to admit that it is you
I could never tell if its crazy
or mutual

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