aquarius distance

IMG_20150908_232538Meeting new people can be scary yet entwined with a sense of thrill. You never know a strangers true intentions until you get to know them. Their role shifts and you magically define who they are to you. Some future lover, friend, business partner, or even enemy.  We categories each encounter by actions and emotions gained. I’ve come to terms with acceptance. What happens when each encounter turns to heartache? When trust built means absolutely nothing?

I reach the final stage of healing. Its starting to open up and accept new people. Once a friendly person, I’ve turned to shy and distant. Which seems weird to say? I am cautious of new people. I frequently get that i am a distant person. Throws me off each time. Understanding that with knowledge of my past i refrain from repetitive behavior and people. I’ve focused so much on distancing myself from drama and negativity. My circle became small. My options seemed to become few. Tolerance is short. Am i a robot people? 

Understand my distance is simply peace. It is my development into tranquility. I am a true daydreamer. If this is you, I understand you. My only advice is simple. You are not a threat, just a mere fascination. Something that’s odd is intriguing. You never know who looks at you in admiration. Someone moved by your light that they are drawn to you. Don’t push them away. Don’t zone out so much that you forget to witness attraction. Remember how precious time is for them and you. You must give to receive.

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