love faces

BY:Shelbi Henny

This could take me 
head over heels
or 6 foot deep
this could break me down 
or take me floating
breathing in the toxins
not knowing the outcome
losing so much control 
of how bad 
it can take my whole world
and crash
never the less i still want it bad
drawn to fulfilling the untouchable 
when seeing so much potential 
the choice is to never make it seem practical
spotting the infusions that blend 
and collection that surpass 
i wonder when it will be worth it 
haven't felt this cornered 
fall for me 
what does that even mean
superficial that i cover my eyes
embrace my own sky 
can't understand how you see my 
burning light
though i want to change it
stay hidden baby 
but nothing can describe
what loves faces

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