happy birthday

Today marks my golden birthday, the day my numbers align. I am 25 on the 25th of January. As time progress, i recall close encounters. Times that were disruptive into transforming my heart into what it beats today. I can say that I have truly transformed and embraced my radical core. I’ve always been carefree. Chasing mys heart into things I’ve ld of discovering what makes me happy. I was once told that mentally we strive for happiness. That’s the force that pushes us to grind into the unknown. Being the logical reasoning for our actions. When we must simply look in the mirror and find it with in. That we already possess “happiness”. Its right in front of us waving.


And for the first time, in my life I’ve come to terms with enlightenment. Counting my blessings as though mere stars across my sky. That each adventure I’ve taken makes me stronger. And each tear I’ve cried has molded me into a true believer of growth. That each lesson I’ve learned are symbols of triumph. I am thankful for the connections I’ve made. I am truly blessed to have made it this far.



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