They know

By:shelbi henny

We capture it so well
A couple of foolish
Connections that taste like
Red wine stained on your lips
Rolling in piles of cotton fields
All we spell is “amazing”
Cornering formalities
That surpass our expectations
Yet i bath in unmarked officials
And you climb in allies to
Face our differences
Though ashamed we have to hide
When together our love streams
Beaming lights
Candles burn in guidance
Even blind we find each other
Call me crazy but in your eyes
I am sane
With society its always best
You never know my name
Though it is tattooed on your back
Burned it to your history
From past tauntings
You strip me bare
So no one knows who haunts me
War wounds to some
But to us
They are love markings
Belligerent to explanations
And assumptions soar in the air
While we stand silent in protest
To face our fears.

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