Weight loss


The picture on the right was 2012 when i graduated from college. The picture on the left was about a week and a half ago. I have on the same exact dress. The difference was my weight. 199 to 145 looks completely different. I look at old pictures and realize my transformation. Not by just the weight i lost, but by my spirit. The evolution of my confidence and inner light i possess.

When i go home and visit it baffles me on the remarks on my transformation. “Girl, what happened to you? You was so big before now look at you. You look great!” Is the constant remarks, yet honestly i feel as though its not that drastic. I’ve come to terms with people’s opinions as just that….Opinions.

It took me a year to lose the weight. Not a week or month, a complete year working out and cutting fast food out. I researched what was good intake and what was not. And honey, i promise you I didn’t wakeup and say I am tired of being fat either. It was all unknowingly steps I was taking to build a stronger “me” to find the person I had once lost in my trials and tribulations.

I want you to understand that weight loss is more than shedding pounds its also internal. Aligning your body, heart, and soul to reflect growth and a better “you”. Its life changing. Only done when you are ready. You can do it my loves

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