Swim good

By: shelbi henny

Drowning in this consequence
Anguish reflecting
I’m afraid to let everything slip away
Fighting to remain with the tide
Producing streaming lights
That seem to lose its way
Into the night
Culture examination
To the breeze
So close to bearing arms
Then i freeze
Wrapping my eyes into the problems
That crash to large rocks
Along the shoreline
Seaweed tugging and gripping
At my ankles and feet
Like shackles
I’m refrain
Everything floating away
Beating me to pennies
So much is at stake
Struggling to play alive
The crowd roaring for me to survive
Statistic pushing for me to die
Yet I’m the only one
Who knows i can’t swim
And the fire within me
Pushes me never to give in
Yet all of my dreams are
Blowing in the wind

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