By: Shelbi Henny

Sand castles building them up to the sky
crashing waves that leave me dangling in prayer
I can't seem to shake
weary encounters
seaweed granting the access to hang around
while i lay here speechless 
my vision blurry
the sun showing no mercy
my skin splurges on the sun rise
yet I sing your name in falsetto
deaf you walk across the sand
tracing your movement with a stick gripped in your hand
that lonely thought that we shall never connect again
dormant to peculiar friction
secretly living at the beach house
were we commit suicide
of love's most dangerous survival
although we know this leads us no where
nor a vacation from the city we prevail 
to drift in hiding from the world
strangers perplexed to glass and seashells 
I know you so well
though you understand me
I only swim against you
while you float above me
playing tunes that fits romance
to us its simple elevator music
we continue to build high towers 
sand castles that rise beyond hours

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