Hoarding Habits

By: Shelbi Henny

Spacious to comprehend that this bask
in trouble conflictions 
that smolder in sunlight 
then enters this functioning of knowing you 
tempting to understand that we were crafted
to embrace 
we simplify the ability to force
acquisitions I take
when matter sinks in letting you know me more
when I break pieces of glass that shields the heart
I tend to place this in cabinets 
high shelves and behind statues
poking fun of understanding my understanding
when details sign contracts 
that fully change colors to diversity 
sampling slow rewinded fruit 
that mold on countertops 
and sit in pastry dishes of art
blaming time passing quickly 
when we have only scratched stagnant motions
with wings I disperse 
with hope I collect
hoarding everything built with our broken attempts
in beginnings we knew everything and anything
to now we know nothing at all 
debris stacking in piles in corners of different rooms 
furniture worn and tearing at the seams 
sitting on trash that line your lies
and hide my fear
a house that was clean and organized 
became abandoned and worn

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