I had sent out my manuscript to several different publishing companies. I never thought I would get a response nor did I think anyone would be interested in teen romance lesbian story plot. I had written several stories that were collecting dust on the shelves. My poetry books was just being passed around close friends. And I was still confiding in my journals with ideas and fiction stories that haunted me everyday. Sharing was never apart of the plan. I was infatuated with reading. Learning new words and finding meaning to this addiction I call writing. Then one publishing company responded. The company was giving me a chance to master and make my dream come true. I evaluated the contracts and refused the first draft. Basically refusing to put in multitudes of money when I can self publish and rectify myself in the glory. Honestly, I knew I wasn’t going to have the funds nor the mentality to push for self publishing either. I told them just store my information and I’ll get back with you guys later. Knowing very well that I would never push this issue any further.

Telling myself over and over, I tried. You put forth effort that you knew you didn’t have in the first place. And then 4 months later, I received a call from the publishing company offering a different deal. New contract and new control process that would intrigue me. I review the contract again and signed on the doted line. Months of changes and revising to this piece. Figuring out what I wanted to place together and what I wanted to see come to life. It all lead up to a moment of finding my name and my book in top books stores. Barnes and Noble and Books A Million that changed my life on trying. Then the moment came to open that cardboard box and see my baby.


My work of art. My sweet little girl pushing through. I was a published selling Author. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this could happen. My heart has been full. Slowly I have hidden in my shell. Trying to comprehend this exposure. This journey is never easy. I express that everything you want in life can happen. All you have to do is try and have faith. If you would have told me 6 years ago that from sleeping in my car to now being an author. I would have never guessed. I probably would have laughed and thought you was joking.  To my beautiful sweet readers, I ask you to believe in yourself. And never stop trying to make your dreams come true.


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