BAsic coLD

By: Shelbi Henny

sneezing in willow tears of magnetics
coughing pressure of monumental exposure 
leaking infuse notions that pronounce 
the fictitious seconds that seem endless
to understanding that we belong 
telling stories of soothing cough drops 
that only hum parallel to soft tones
I was lingering here 
following fields that
changed my temperature to the Atlantic
when once I was basking in ovens of fire
sweating and shivering from countless
infused plagues that tell me more
that serve purpose that leads me on
tissue papers stuffed in pillows
that parch to my mouth 
to muffle screams of pain
endless to undo 
symptoms that sign red then blue 
tackling more than I was suppose to gain 
wondering into aisles
thinking of home remedies that 
stick to clear planes 
I was pronounced sick 
temporary fix to the outside change
and climates that appear to rain indoors 
Boost my immune system to ignore 
my basic cold 

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