Stressful deeds

By: Shelbi Henny

Eye twitching feeling lack of sleep 
when I've obviously had enough rest
prolonging my troubles in kept boxes
packing and unpacking them 
reading them and unorganizing them
surprised and plagued on resolutions
haunted will it be justified 
will my troubles die
in pools of solitude
trigger happy 
to explode in the mass of hopeless encounters
passing in the aisles of the worst to spare
hating tomorrows 
dreading todays
regretting yesterdays
bills on top of tree tops 
worries play jazz on top of rooftops 
starving for redemption 
full on faith and trying to remind myself
that my heart is on its last beat
take in air as if I am suffocating 
strength dwindling as a march 
on top of hills that soar through crowded streets
 burdens that sign a set fate 
of masked deeds

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