Old 2 New

By: Shelbi Henny

We separated in mazes
figuring the complications of feeling underrated
I was hooked on leaving love alone 
misunderstood to heartbeats on my own 
people recalling they don't know you anymore
paper glue 
trying to hold on 
reckless to our destruction 
apart we hold on to nothing 
losing everything
loving you 
with only distant memories
we stumble onto closing chapters 
only re-reading what happens after 
you found me in random sasquatch patches and abandon leaves
I seen the doves
soaring to branches 
with vials of messages to confide in pleas
that said you still loved me 
afraid and eager to sign on the dotted line 
I meet into the columbine 
to be introduced to paradise
with collections of my animations 
so new and fresh
I sing away the blues 
dancing and smiling to better news 
of falling head over heels 
pressure relieved 
a new dawn approaches 
to loving you 
something old yet feels so new

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