by: Shelbi Henny

Fields and mountains 
placing my heart for auction 
leading me to the never ending 
of being so close
yet so far away 
wanting love 
yet unwilling to sacrifice again 
prolong my endeavors 
to lead me into the arms 
of fortune 
this holds no torch 
no boundaries 
littering massive secrets 
pushing for success to provide for it all 
they don't know you 
like I know you 
pressure composing into the shadows
I lay dormant 
to the fact I'm so close for comfort 
and so far to count the conjunction
rely on happy symmetry 
of leading the horse to drink 
from the river 
save time or let patience invite bewilderment 
and I 
was climbing the mountains 
feeding the crops in the field 
though so much I bare on my shoulders 
closer I get to the top 
my journey to past the fields to the mountains

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