Dinner served

By:shelbi henny

I was fixed on placemats
That served signficance
To bitter memories
That wonder if I’ve
Been the only one replaying
Emotional to sleepless nights
While you cradle in pillows
Of glory
To fixtures that hang
Blank pictures of once trophies
Tarnished to pulsing rhythms
That burst into flames
Of blue candles that burn
In daylight
As you party at night
I sleep alone
Forcing gestures
That kept you home
Spaces that voided me
You filled with creatures
You confided that haunted you
Yet in real life bear fruit
And spoil concoctions
That pollute you
I was sycamore
Pecans and cashews
To think that it was visible
When you react to invisible
It’s too much to forget
Yet i need too
But i can’t forget you
A seat at the table
Carved by you
Set by me
Dinner at 3
But you never arrived
Yet i cooked last night

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