Wasting Princesses

By: Shelbi Henny

We gravitated to promiscuous endeavors
I held it sweet
you played the cello
by passers could've sworn it was forever
divided by hope and consequences of my actions 
I was wrong 
to think that chances never prolonged
they were twigs hanging in the wind 
scraping into my eyes
tugging at on bare skin
to sit in my car with the windows up 
screaming to the top of my lungs
easy for you to say goodbye
thought I knew you well 
i could see the signs
yes i could see the signs
is everything alright 
to fade away 
letters will never surface again 
my name holds no weight
just a figment once escaped 
contaminated with exhausting 
you were you want to be 
but why did you awaken me 
you should've left me in castle
Rapunzel, sleeping beauty
who was you after?
you should've left in the castle
dragons and witches 
I was perfectly submissive 
to live alone

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