scratchy memories

by: Shelbi Henny

the temple of my head 
is pulsing 
my fingers trembling
tears performing in waves 
as my heart aches with 
the understanding 
ordaining my vision to be
cloudy and discerned 
with ciphering 
clues and missing pieces
rereading notes and text messages 
to clarify if our hearts 
were beating or who 
was at fault 
drawing context clues
puzzles and diagrams 
to solve riddles 
that lead to unanswered notions
that never can be answered 
yet tearing my heart limb 
from limb 
in pain 
that is far deeper
than chaos 
as i swindle in
trying to remain loyal
yet all deceit
trickles and leaves me 
and fear my life branded 
as foretold 
only thing left standing is 
that i can't stop replaying 
and seeing different meanings

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