Goldlink- Rough Soul

Goldlink ft. April George- Rough Soul We was talking but you never hear my phone boo Moved up and I feel good shit Roll palm trees and I made a hit for ya Billboards around the city with your face on it But they never ever really know bout what you been through  

Ravyn Lenae- Closer

Ravyn Lenae- Closer I love it when you move Like you've got something in your life I like it when you groove You take me, tickle til' I laugh I love it when you take me 'round your boys like I'm your girl I like it when you run your pretty fingers through my curls... Continue Reading →


QUIN- MATH   It's all good when it's all bad Be hurting all day but it's all math You're losing your brain And falling right back I LOVE HOW SMOOTH HER VOICE makes me drift. Placing your mind to mathematical equations to ecstasy. I've played this damn song 1,000 times already. Ya'll enjoy..

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