weekly fave

A Growing Trend

By: Jerwain Lewis (Garçon Épais)

My acceptance of love so reluctant and self-destructive.
This creatively tells my pain yet I tear it all to pieces.
Screams go unheard and I’m really starting not to give a damn like maybe this is the master plan, to render me helpless and buried in the sand.
Completely undone, not recognizing this creature I’d become. Just an empty shell where my soul once swelled in a life I barely can remember.
Am I fucked up cause the idea of trust sounds like a lie to me, maybe cause when I was trusting all you did was lie to me, so don’t tell me that love is free cause I paid in my trust and look where it got me..
My acceptance of love so reluctant and self-destructive, yet the ability to feel, so faint obstructive.

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