drunk love

By: shelbi henny

Take me into the city
Let absolut and circo 
Find you again
Let the noise surround you
Leave you breathless
Force a smile 
That seems endless 
Please don't forget me
In this taxi cab
Let every word you speak
Seem redundant
Magical and the truth 
Combine in a sentence
Let me continue to be 
Lost into your eyes 
That I forget my keys
Who needs an escape route?
When I don't want to leave
Let you touch burn yet sooth
Let the music become food
Accidentally forcing us close
Bumping into each other 
And the bar
Let us confess our secrets
That we process the fuel
Drag me into your room 
And hold me
Let the good times roll
Let me wonder if this is real
Romance develop only 
In this parallel of dreams
I'll wake up and regret 
But tonight and in 
this moment 
I'll bask in possibilities
Radiating vibrations
Curving reasoning
This is insane
Yet this is what I need
From you
A broken heart that 
Enjoys the ride
A drunk chick that
Loves to drive
Into Neverland

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