As a artist emotions are defined differently. For positive hippie your reaction to things are portrayed differently. And for a caring person your heart functions in a totally different manner. And by saying these things, I want you to fully understand what forms me. I believe in taking risk and following your heart to whatever direction that makes you happy. I can truly testify the magnitude of having all these characteristics wrapped into one making every decision a little bit different from most. I can lie to you and say that every decision I have made has been peaches and cream, but honestly I believe in the saying that the truth shall set you free.

The hardest part for me is expressing. Being the best that I can be. And though I have accomplished a dream of being published I still find it difficult to say that I am an author. My grammar and punctuation can use a little work. The remarkable part is that the drive that pushes me to continue and write every little thing is my passion. In life I can be so misunderstood, until my hands began the process of writing and all of a sudden I feel analyzed. Fully explained in all my glory to write and create each piece. At times, it can be a challenge to express without the backlash. The fear of never being understood or never getting the recognition that we all deserve.

I can say that as a write I focus on how it makes me feel to write. I cherish the few that understand me in the writing world and the real world. I hold these talents to my bosom as trophies. My secret joys. And to the readers that follow me. I thank you. I feel you. And I understand you. I want  you to know that not everything is easy, positive, or jolly. The thing that you must hold close to your heart and cherish are the simple attributes that surround you everyday. The conscious thing, moment, or individual that completely gives you hope and uplifts you. Embrace you talents and never let them go. Embrace everything you offer and share to the world. This is the steps of true enlightenment.

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