missing girl

By: Shelbi Henny

tell me is the truth
driving you crazy
or is my silence leaving you dazed
heart fluttering in amazement 
hopeful that this could be something different
and now I'm left missing 
scattered memories unfinished
now you're trying to figure out what to say
what can draw me in 
when I try to pull away
I've been a hopeless romantic
and defeated soldier
I gave the sweetest chance
and I made it personal
shutting all the doors living everything behind
and I waited in the pouring rain
for you to tell me a lie
oh how it settled my troubled soul
but the truth kept dangling in some more
and your words left nothing formed 
and now I'm missing 
can you find me
a lost girl on the back of a milk carton
you search for me
when you were so close
now you love the missing girl

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