crushed ice

by: shelbi henny


linger in a distant smile
traveling into fingerprints
calling into riddles 
that sing a song of what if 
faults remain in this astrology
i hate the wondering
yet nothing drives me over the edge
presenting the launch
of chemicals 
that burst in the atmosphere
you stare into my eyes
i can never tell
yet i wonder
figuring that i should push 
emotions to the side
never connecting between you and i
confused as to what lead me here
being average 
the way you look at me in such amazement
sculpting the formation of the veins
that prompt us to remain silent
fantasies that play in my head
toxic with the water draining
into the trails
puddles that form 
from icebreakers
I'm speechless and awkward
wanting to carve my initials 
into the palms of your hands 
melting the ice
left by you
i wonder what damage you do

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