By: shelbi henny

We were savages
Holding my breathe
To state the obvious
Accumulating time that froze
In what ifs
And laid me on the bed
In shadows that seem transparent
Dormant to the possibility of
Never being a choice
Just a faint memory line
With sad encounters
I bare arms 2
Whistling words of love
That stand for nothing
Yet kill softly hopeful emotions
That bind me to you
To afraid to look you in the eyes
Without admitting being the fool
We once held cocoons
Nested in a crush
Of forbidden acts
That crown you king
And place me as a fool
A queen in eyes of glory
But for you
And only you
Fighting the night sky
Wrapping the precious jewels
Into linen
We were mere savages
Running across the plains
Living day by day
You remaining the same
And I
Began to change

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