Back then to now

I remember sneaking late at night to meet you. Settling on carpet floors with our knees pressed against our chest as we listen to the old computer transition into melodies. We were always so speechless, yet every phrase soared into our hearts expressing what we didn’t understand. We just felt. We were young.

My heart holds onto moments like these. Memories that flash everytime I’m close to an individual. We all share countless private encounters that binds us to almost, maybe, and once was. As a true believer of faith in vibes and connections. I’ve learned to cherish them. My downfall to collecting past and withholding present.

These moments surpass and dwell in my foundation. I’ve realized that letting go of memories are the hardest part of healing. Teaching me to slowly forgive and let be. Thinking and saying allowed what could’ve been me. When its not. Or reliving what happen then. To conflicts of what is now.

My loves recognize the transition of choices. Love is in our DNA. Holding on to what was can blind your growth from the moments now. Never regret your transition. And its okay to never forget. Just remember to be aware and conscious of now

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