Are you worthy?


High school days, relaxed hair, & no glasses

I’ve come to terms with acceptance. I remember sacrificing and compromising due to the love i have for people. Placing myself in a class of “i can’t” because i didn’t think I was worthy to have. The privileges and category I’ve been placed in subjects the mentality of I am not worthy. Because I am African American. Because I was raised in lower-class. Because I am a woman. Because of my family. Because of where I am from. Because of my natural hair and style. Because of my dialect and culture. There are so many characteristics that place me as unfit.

With society forcing so much on class and category. It’s hard to rectify your worth. Its hard to see freedom and acceptance within yourself. Its hard to fight and strive for dreams, goals, and love. Its been a long look in the mirror to realize I have no limits.


What this tattoo means to me, is that I am worthy. Whatever my heart desires i can have it. I am worthy of real love and true love. I am worthy of equality. That no man or woman can solidify my worth. I have control. That I am worthy of reflection admiration. The sky has no limit to what I can achieve. I am worthy of it all.. and so are you, my loves.

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