pleasure over matter

By: Shelbi Henny

Science pushing us over 
torn between links of exposure
i can taste the candy kisses
wrapped inside my chest
heartburn explosive to knowing nothing
that gravity hasn't exposed 
i lean on empty vessels 
connecting to the worst 
yet this is all i know
is it worth it
pain turning over
do you know it 
where is the time for lonely tears
when i can glide 
pressed into a warmth 
that seems to cry 
into soft skin
nails latched in 
pressing against the sheets
emotions trapped in 
here from beginning to end 
i know nothing
i feel nothing
this is worth complications
simple no longer exist 
i can't complain 
no longer feeling the rain
balancing intent that holds no weight 
thin line between love and hate
who needs meaning anyway
when warmth can sustain the worst cold
no longer yearning anymore 
just numb to realistic
i basic in forbidden fruit
sensual collections
yet its best to describe
this as pleasure over matter

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