From the black girl in the group

I’ve always taken pride into looking beyond stereotypical class. Showing kindness and no judgement towards anyone I met. I’ve taken from my mother that equality first starts with you. How you interact with people is a reflection of how the world will treat  you. I have friends from different ethnicities, religion, class, and status. And though I have reflected a positive light as a human being. Its sad to say that I am still classified as a BLACK NEGRO WOMAN. 

No matter how I treat others I am still subjected to racism. I still fear for my unborn children and my future husband safety. No matter how I break my back to strive for success. I will still be placed as unworthy to have. #blacklivesmatter is beyond a statement to praise and acknowledge. It is a warrior cry for equality. It is beyond textbook exploitation and diluted stories. 

It is beyond segregating a culture that deserves more than slavery stories. We come in peace when society constantly makes a mockery of our cries and pain.When our men, women, and children are slaughtered because of typically being colored. You ask yourself have we really overcome. No matter how they comply death being the only resolution to our kind. 

All I ask for is peace and equality. I ask that our pain be acknowledged more than just a hash tag. I ask that you look beyond the color of someone skin and see that we are all equal human beings 

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