Folding cards

BY: Shelbi Henny

falling into the distance of wondering
I can't seem to find anyone else
that equals to how special you made me feel
can i trust you
trust holding me back 
because even though you had me 
spoiled and wrapped around your finger
i couldn't trust 
your uneasy demeanor
yes meant no 
your actions always gave me more
than i could ever ask for 
pushing me to fold this transcription 
that lands us here
years pass and i wonder if i've made the right decisions
was i too selfish
was i paranoid to believe in a double life
was i not read plunge into the married life
i was demanding a life with you 
that hasn't settled yet 
that our moving mountains 
was all in accurate
tell me that its not too late 
tell me that you still love me
tell me that you waited for me
i know the truth 

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