Lines To Mine

By: Shelbi Henny

Direct me to the other line
when the tears go unconscious
peaceful walking into 
sleeping in the shade
ice glasses of lemonade 
when the lonely heart subdues to you 
when pictures appear like movies do
and thoughts focus on the awkward afternoons
will it lead you here
fight back the urge to drown 
when you just want to disappear 
lead me on to the other line 
where tattoos hang on billboards 
paper dangles onward 
tire tracks of open roads 
trunks stuffed with all your new clothes 
mountain plains form new adventures 
nothing makes any sense anymore 
drag me to the other line
where colors seem to show the opposite
rainbows flow in anticipation 
love letters mail at correct addresses 
hate never exist 
marshmallows and hot chocolate
on bonfire nights with you 
baby babe boo
are sweet melodies of you
I need the other line of you 
drug addictions 
bondage and rope ties 
cocaine and white lies 
nothing can take you off of my mind 
scared to come over 
black cats and exposure
permanent markers with bold notions
nothing will keep from jumping this line

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