invisible yet seen

By: Shelbi Henny

I was on the brink of exposing 
what tossed me over 
then crept in the corner and laid in the way 
when the worst is the best 
and we contemplate going for broke 
for a dream in the mist of a nightmare
I don't want to hold my breath
fighting the endless efficiency 
how can you tell that I am afraid 
when I'm fearless
a mess 
when there is order surrounding me 
broke with opportunity
spitting dreams that speak bilingual 
I need you to listen to me
I can't sleep tonight 
though I'm tired
exhausted yet excited
how am I invited
to the mass that expire
when all I want is to inspire 
when you lead me to be alone 
party of one 
when everything falls apart into place
you're the one
to see Me

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