By: Shelbi Henny

Metallic ornaments 
leading me to face the inevitable 
sign language to reason with myself
that love brought me here 
and laid me at your feet
though its unclear
I just want to be selfish 
play my life with embezzlement 
hold my secrets in security boxes
teaching me to result to wounds 
that seemed to heal 
drawing my master plan 
I was lingering to surprise my emotions
to safety emergency exits
though the routine seems consistent
I was loving the absence 
yearning for clutter 
when my arms are empty 
fighting trails
singing Disney tunes
Independence can't march to 
the rhythm 
charm bracelets are the only remainders 
that I am lonely without your sudden 
tell me I was destined to love you 
play the romantic love news
that can seem to kill the blues

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