Danish Treats

By: Shelbi Henny

Conscious to sustaining
transformed in your making
beauty lies in the beholder
lullabies seem to bring me closer
It was fragile to crash into you
when history repeats a transition 
that I refuse 
when in hopes I was listening 
to wishes that move me to this transcription
and wild berries that seem to settle at your feet
I knew that you and I could never be
fools dream
concocting my riddles that seem endless
I was yours 
for brief moments
searching for air
when you seem so potent 
collapsing at the rendition 
that pushes me into submission 
you was right 
selfish when I can't seem to close my eyes
so complicated when I feel there is no time
such a giver when the world is sublime
changing the world because 
i have no reason to alienate my beliefs 
you always come back to me 
sweeter yet so bitter
my Danish treats

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