by: Shelbi Henny

the flames transpiring
to deliver heat with frozen
interceptions to numbing
every fiber of my being
crawling an exemption
to the battling of minds
that wrap me into the most
that normalizes the reality
that everyone pushes the
movement of their lips
to say move forth
freedom is ringing
in your grasp
yet the meaning of freedom
when tranquil in captivity
for so long
that it bust into layers
that mount us in riddles
yet i can read every syllable
left in spaces
that leave me broken
yet repeatedly told that
movement is mandatory
and feelings should not
that fear and heartache
is wrapped in a meaningless
definition of crazy
that warfs
the factors of why
am i
how can i
what shall i do next
with a tale of succumbing
to transgressions
and mandatory goodbyes

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