indecisive movement

By: Shelbi Henny

days roll by in remembrance
telepathy building caution
though I can not explain what all do I miss
they scatter in different frames
softly stroking the inevitable 
I feel distracted in tornadoes
wishing they blow the wonder away
playing the subtle and destructive 
violin that melts my core
and makes me fold into cold winds
independently wanting nothing 
to suffocate this reaction
I long for definition to the cure
the reasoning to fall into the pit of 
love, lust, and losing control
thinking of all that I want and need
why am I speechless 
when I wrote down so much to say
I can look you in your eyes
though I can never make you stay 
can't make you appear 
nothing will ever change
and though I blame
the air in the room 
the random doubts
and the judgment from the crowd 
I see that it was us
who made this decision
I still regret my part

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