We trash

By: shelbi henny Tactical with the influence To break at any point Holding weights to balance The significance of Transforming my title And conformity To pretty little fears That taunt me in strange Hours That peak at the darkest And lightest hours Calculating transgressions I've surpassed and buried Equipping my space and Leaving me morbed... Continue Reading →

Hey love

By: Shelbi henny Hey you I've read poems forced In your name Titles of beautiful Melodies syncing In oils of perplexity Photos of magical Captured in speechless Dignity Movies of scenes that Moved in tortured Blissful passion A holiday ringing in Cards, flowers, and candy Yet as I prayed for you I've been given betrayal... Continue Reading →

Withstand me

By: Shelbi henny Spontaneous tenacity To drip in Self-worth Is your deepest Agony Relinquishing a prophecy That no longer Seems ordained Yet the pain erupts In heart attacks Shortness of breath Dehydration And forcing disdain Property to keep My lips repeating over And over a reality I never imagined A person withstanding A tragedy

Indeed we rest

By: Shelbi henny Decisions was made While my body lay stiff Cut the waves My body reflect symptoms Of a baby that wouldn't take A mystery to figure If it was me Creating the insignificant Space Between reality and A shamed lie Doing whatever it takes Speaking softly to reach The gates Only heard when... Continue Reading →

Cc mug

By: Shelbi Henny Comfortable in deep Intentions Practicing coordination Mileage crossing over In skeptical delusions Though abrasive Melting in morals Trying to understand Is this you Or merely I Destructively invading A construction of conflict Love can not be the only Factor that resides When exploitation divides Making me feel Out of place Comfortability equaling... Continue Reading →


By: Shelbi Henny Kill me in the morning I never want to Produce another day Kiss me in the night time Collect every tear Help me forget my value Let me separate the only Intensity and failure Collect my shame At the door I rather you Say nothing at all Because every word You promised... Continue Reading →

One way ticket

By: Shelbi Henny It was drained Right at the main artery Dangerously treated As a concubine And defined into stepping Forth into madness Matrimony relating To substantial exit Point Speakers ruptured To one way Entrances that lead To peculiar flights Loitering opinions And relying on A heart that was seeping And swooning over Unjustly beginnings... Continue Reading →

Blasting material

By: Shelbi Henny Serpents linger Corporating talents To behave And it keeps me In surrounding areas Of perception That tackles a defying Perpendicular space I haven't found you yet Giving you an empty Shell And ghostly features That say it's overwhelming And make tears bleed I know travesty You know love And joining this Unity... Continue Reading →

Rum to BREW

by: shelbi henny dangerous to spell the incomparable tenacity that drips through fangs cautions to the evidence we aligned reasoning that substance can't cure and wine us down to middling in corners that spew and the secret that proportions our need to want each other and the levels to self destruct hanging over the ruling... Continue Reading →

catching a rabbit

by: shelbi henny the space that avoids intellect we escape meaning indifferent letting our hearts travel beyond exposure strawberries to blueberries conducting a solution then unraveling collecting beads and forgetting to listen yet arguing on what we should be giving taking into consideration I've been lost before you arrived and even though you found me... Continue Reading →

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