scratchy memories

by: Shelbi Henny the temple of my head is pulsing my fingers trembling tears performing in waves as my heart aches with the understanding ordaining my vision to be cloudy and discerned with ciphering clues and missing pieces rereading notes and text messages to clarify if our hearts were beating or who was at fault... Continue Reading →


By:shelbi henny I was sufficient in riddlesMissing a link to merge the absenceTriggering a space that i never knew was far from extensionLowering facts That i was supportive Of figuring my secretsYet you was a walking diaryA preacher to confess toA shoulder to cry onThe person to always answer the stressfulYet alarming calls On redemptionAnd... Continue Reading →

Flood endured

By: Shelbi Henny You can't take me underOur spread me apartSuccumb to fixationLeave me in the darkSmoldering alliesTainted with bloodI've warned youTo show me the barriersThat circle the truthTo lead me With trusting youThough my city in ruinsHaunted and taintedWe once had rosesNow fire replacesWhat music we madeOnly playing againTo the silenceDeveloping rageTo the silenceHumming... Continue Reading →

Chalk Art

By: shelbi henny I was perplexed to tell you how I have drowned. Surrounded by circumference leading rivers. To opposite positionsTear me pieces of silver. Breathing courses of abominations to see the tarpGallant We spare no excuses Longevity to our spareHearts we frameAmmunition and empty shellsExplosions of wordsScrapped on concreteLike chalkOur stories beginningIn colorsOnly to... Continue Reading →

the base

By Shelbi Hennywith the transcriptionrectifying the space that leaves a warmthgravitating piece and nailsthat cook capers spelling new economiesof tapestriesexplain nothing new of changeholding cooper, metal, and thalisadvanced to wrapping my emotionsin this process we labeland try to fixatethough trapped by namesof scoundrelscracking the frustration of enemiesthat breathe in harmony and vengeancea gain of watching... Continue Reading →

unconnected cords

By: shelbi umbilical cord wrapping in infinitysuspending me to the words of delegationto measurethe hours that pass with a comfortabilitythat cause an uneasy sense of vitality searching in the reasonings that separateand push into insanityyet is that the peace coiling in the pits of others that chess play the words of suspense knowing as easily played boardercheckers explaining and remaining silent focusing... Continue Reading →

Where art though ruby

By: Shelbi Henny To spew in December In faded organic tenacity Changing the gravity Of heavy emotions That run into walls And repetitive quotes Explanations of deep Security that contribute To investigations Revealing deeper truths Exhaustion from no safety nets Screaming and turning Red From constantly Repeating over And over again To respect me With... Continue Reading →

Cave woman

By: Shelbi Henny A sanction that produces Serenity In canyons Smearing tar and clay Conversing in the beginnings Spacing stupidity And coiling the meanings As emancipations declare Me blind And dials in crackling Endorsements of deceptions Explaining that the most Hurtful part is parties Held by receivers And tones Deafening the corruption Of tan, maroon,... Continue Reading →

Smart water

By: Shelbi Henny It was encrypted A casualty that lingered Perfecting an alignment That created fear To only let me be A single organism A cell A home A woman A human being Myself Leaving an expectation That never existed Yet leading the proximity To dwindle in breathing And only comparing And impacting who i... Continue Reading →


by: Shelbi henny dripping in the ability to see reality as a mutant and controllable tendon that hangs in balance of spacing indifferent transgressions that file documents and hearings in cocoons we never fully heal that wound see past its incoherent views though we know happiness to melodramatically encounter the title you was afraid to... Continue Reading →

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