From the black girl in the group

I've always taken pride into looking beyond stereotypical class. Showing kindness and no judgement towards anyone I met. I've taken from my mother that equality first starts with you. How you interact with people is a reflection of how the world will treat  you. I have friends from different ethnicities, religion, class, and status. And... Continue Reading →

Are you worthy?

High school days, relaxed hair, & no glasses I've come to terms with acceptance. I remember sacrificing and compromising due to the love i have for people. Placing myself in a class of "i can't" because i didn't think I was worthy to have. The privileges and category I've been placed in subjects the mentality... Continue Reading →

Back then to now

I remember sneaking late at night to meet you. Settling on carpet floors with our knees pressed against our chest as we listen to the old computer transition into melodies. We were always so speechless, yet every phrase soared into our hearts expressing what we didn't understand. We just felt. We were young. My heart... Continue Reading →

Weight loss

The picture on the right was 2012 when i graduated from college. The picture on the left was about a week and a half ago. I have on the same exact dress. The difference was my weight. 199 to 145 looks completely different. I look at old pictures and realize my transformation. Not by just... Continue Reading →

happy birthday

Today marks my golden birthday, the day my numbers align. I am 25 on the 25th of January. As time progress, i recall close encounters. Times that were disruptive into transforming my heart into what it beats today. I can say that I have truly transformed and embraced my radical core. I've always been carefree.... Continue Reading →


As a artist emotions are defined differently. For positive hippie your reaction to things are portrayed differently. And for a caring person your heart functions in a totally different manner. And by saying these things, I want you to fully understand what forms me. I believe in taking risk and following your heart to whatever... Continue Reading →


Love... So many things I have to tell you, but I'm afraid I don't know how.. Because there's a possibility you will look at me differently -by musiq soulchild "love" From fairy tales movies and stories we've read, we all search for a soulmate that will provide love.👫👬👭 After being hurt so many times it... Continue Reading →

aquarius distance

Meeting new people can be scary yet entwined with a sense of thrill. You never know a strangers true intentions until you get to know them. Their role shifts and you magically define who they are to you. Some future lover, friend, business partner, or even enemy.  We categories each encounter by actions and emotions... Continue Reading →

i am i can i will

I had lost everything in California. I had lost the job i had went to school for. Working petty jobs just to make ends meet. I gave up my house that i was renting. Missing my family and feeling like I had no one. I was culturally different. My mannerisms seemed either unethical or too... Continue Reading →


I was 12 years old in this photo. I was spending the summer with my cousin in Baton Rouge, LA. Her grandmother's house seemed like a mansion to me. I didn't know anyone or been in a two story home before. There was a stone wall in the guest room. I was a small town... Continue Reading →

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